Mark A. Wyckoff, FAICP, Professor
Director, Planning & Zoning Center at MSU
Senior Associate Director, MSU Land Policy Institute
Editor, Planning & Zoning News

On February 1, 2006, at the invitation of Dr. Tom Coon, MSU Extension Director and Dr. Soji Adelaja, Director of the Land Policy Institute, Mark Wyckoff and longtime colleague Dr. John Warbach brought the Planning & Zoning Center to MSU. Together they continue at MSU a legacy of quality research and outreach to local government officials on land use issues and local tools and techniques for building quality communities. Formerly, Wyckoff and Warbach were with the Planning & Zoning Center, Inc. which Wyckoff began in 1982. Wyckoff works closely with MSU Extension in the development and delivery of new publications and training programs. His first series on the new Michigan Zoning Enabling Act in the spring of 2006 attracted nearly 2000 registrants. His new publication, the Michigan Zoning Guidebook continues to sell well. Wyckoff and Warbach, together with the team they have assembled, are also engaged in several W.K. Kellogg Foundation funded research projects to improve land use decision making in Michigan. They work closely on these projects with other researchers in the MSU Land Policy Institute, where they also help to manage projects, mentor staff and assist with day-to-day operations of this rapidly expanding land use research institute.

Wyckoff is a nationally certified planner by the American Institute of Certified Planners (charter member, 1979). He received his Master's Degree in Urban Planning from Michigan State University and his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Michigan. After 5+ years working for the State of Michigan (and another 2+ years before that for the Tri- County Regional Planning Commission, in Lansing), he had watched the dismantling of state and regional land use planning programs and spotted a growing need for timely information and research on contemporary planning and zoning issues. As a result, he formed the Planning & Zoning Center, Inc. and launched its flagship product, Planning & Zoning News (PZN) in 1982. PZN is one of only two state-specific, monthly publications on planning and zoning issues in the nation. Wyckoff remains the editor and a frequent contributor to PZN (which is published outside of MSU).

For three years in the mid-1980’s, Wyckoff also served as Executive Director of the Michigan Society of Planning (now called the Michigan Association of Planning) and taught as an assistant professor in the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at MSU. He was also a visiting assistant professor working with the Extension Service in the MSU Department of Resource Development from 1993-1999, and taught planning law in the MSU Urban Planning Program in Spring Term 2000.

Mark Wyckoff is widely considered an expert on Michigan land use law and on statewide land use trends and land use policy. He is a frequent workshop and conference speaker, and is widely consulted on pending legislative issues by a wide range of stakeholder groups, including state legislators and nonprofit advocacy organizations. He served with associates of Public Sector Consultants as staff to the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council in 2003.

As a consultant for 24 years, Wyckoff designed, directed and/or implemented over 100 local planning, zoning and contemporary issue-oriented research projects on a wide range of topics. He has authored or coauthored dozens of publications based on them. He has conducted hundreds of training programs for over 25,000 persons within Michigan in the last 25 years.

Wyckoff has been a frequent speaker at the prestigious Bettman Symposium, American Planning Association annual conference over the past two decades. He has also been a presenter at other state and national conferences. He and his associates have received several state awards, including the MSPO President’s Award for the 11 volume, 1700 page Michigan’s Trend Future report series in the mid-1990’s. Wyckoff received the Land Use Leadership Excellence Award at the annual 2006 MSU Land Use Summit.

During the 2000 National Planning Conference of the American Planning Association, Wyckoff was inducted as a Fellow of the American Institute of Certified Planners (one of the first 100 planners to be so honored in the nation).

Wyckoff has served on numerous state advisory panels, and provided advice and counsel on dozens of pieces of pending legislation. He has served on several policy bodies created by the American Planning Association concerning growth management, takings, and model enabling legislation. He is a reporter for the national APA publication, Planning & Environmental Law, formerly known as Land Use Law Zoning Digest and was a member of the Technical Advisory Board of the national Growth Management Institute for many years.

Wyckoff is delighted to be able to continue to serve Michigan’s citizens and communities through his new affiliation with MSU and for the opportunity to work closely with the LPI founder and visionary John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor of Land Policy, Dr. Soji Adelaja.